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    Renewable Energy
    The Power Cube: It generates, it Internets, and it's back
    Decadence through simplicity
    August 21, 2014

    Seven years ago we first covered the Magic Box That Does Everything, the Ecos LifeLink. I titled the post It Generates. It Internets. It Cools and Refreshes. And now, apparently, It Exists. It doesn't appear to cool and refresh with the water purification anymore, but it does still generate and internet, with up to 15 Kilowatts of power. Director and intellectual property strategist Dean Becker gushes in a press release:

    It Exists.

    This innovative patented solar technology has the potential to be one of the most important solar patented innovations of our generation.

    Did I mention it is patented? Indeed, it is covered by US patent Directional Rib Knit Midi Dress Bright blue Weekday u3ypw
    . I looked it up to try and figure out what was in fact patentable in covering a shipping container with solar panels and filling it with batteries and routers; it seems pretty obvious to me. And indeed, inventor Dennis McGuire notes in the application that "there exist a multitude of mobile and portable power stations that supply electricity to field hospitals, emergency aid units, and water filtration systems." However not many of them are solar powered, and his is different:

    None of the aforementioned prior art disclose the space saving arrangement of solar panels in the stowed position on top of the container of the inventive station. Nor does the prior art teach or suggest symmetrically arranging the solar panels in the deployed position to enhance the stability of the station.

    OK, so it's all about the drawer system and I guess that's patentable because they got it. They anticipate military, humanitarian and disaster relief applications and are looking for deals.

    The Professor of Sustainable Design in me would question whether this is the best approach; solar panels are not as effective horizontal as they are angled toward the sun, and in dusty areas where the military goes a lot, they would have to be cleaned regularly. Solar panels have got really cheap since McGuire started playing with this in 2006, (see: Pencil Dress With gold tone Zip Spring/summer FAUSTO PUGLISI UBLDo0tF0
    t) and here, the mounting of the panels in these drawers is going to be expensive. I can't help thinking that just sending a container full of panels on adjustable racks that could be placed on the ground wouldn't be cheaper, generate more power, and be easier to clean. They can throw in a router.

    But hey, I spent five years and a lot of money trying to patent something that nobody wanted or needed either, it becomes an obsession. I wish them luck.

    More at Ecosphere techologies

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    1.4.3 Beyond technological determinism
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    3.2 Professional politics
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    3.4 Societal politics
    3.5 The ‘hidden’ functions of evaluation
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    I find it shocking how Serbian players can do the 'three finger salute' - a sign used by Serb soldiers to celebrate the killing and slaughtering of Albanians during the Kosovo war and get away with it Preowned LEATHER DERBIES Berluti rjQz1E
    yet Xhaka and Shaqiri might face consequences for their celebrations? pic.twitter.com/EC2ktpi3Za

    You might also say that where the World Cup is being held this year matters too. The increasingly cozy relationship between Putin-led Russia and the Serbian leadership has helped to reignite historical tensions, on the pitch and off.

    For instance, if you’d like to read about a comprehensively mad soccer match from 2014, one that involves the crowd stoning players, chants for genocide, a drone flying into the stadium carrying pictures of Albanian national heroes that was pulled to earth and destroyed by Serbian players, I give you Nebula B Suede Mens LowTop Sneakers Geox 79AXGr
    , laying out the events of a UEFA qualifying match between Serbia and Albania that was never finished due to violence. The match was initially awarded to Serbia, and then to Albania, but really, the longstanding conflicts that the match spoke to meant that everyone lost. Lulzim Hakaj, a non-profit administrator in Mitrovica, described the match as “the biggest event in Balkan football history, a tragedy.”

    Those tension returned in the hours before the Serbia-Switzerland game. An Albanian Kosovar with whom I spoke sent me a METCON 3 REFLECT FOOTWEAR Lowtops amp; sneakers Nike EovPc
    , reportedly taken before the match, in which Serbian fans attempt to light a Kosovo flag on fire. Some reports show that some Serbian fans even wore shirts depicting notorious general Ratko Mladic (another horrifying Blank NYC Cut Off Denim festival Shorts with Embroidered Detail Blue Blank NYC hWJ1ZC
    ) to the game itself.

    Xhaka’s and Shaqiri’s celebrations offer a point of inflection, a present-tense digital gift unfurling across the web, giving viewers who tuned in for a soccer match a glimpse of centuries of history, and, simultaneously, giving Albanians coded messages of solidarity and pride. Two guys whose parents fled war, poverty, and political terror made a home in a new place and excelled in front of opposing “fans” who would deny that their people exist. Yeah, it sounds like a sports cliché. Fair enough. Well, in some moments, and for some people, it can happen that way.

    loool Xhaka Shaqiri doubling down with the Albanian eagle celebration pic.twitter.com/UCugIIe1ZS

    Even the tenuous idea of allyship ran through the celebrations. After Shaqiri’s game-winning goal, Swiss captain Stephan Lichtsteiner, a player with no familial ties to Kosovo or Albania, threw up the double-headed eagle alongside his teammates. Lichtsteiner later explained that he listened to one of his teammate’s dads, an Albanian, learned the history, and joined in. As Çitaku said, “It looked like Lichtsteiner became Albanian for 30 seconds” FIFA ended up not suspending Xhaka or Shaqiri or Lichtsteiner. It levied minor fines, for which, as the people with whom I chatted showed me, an Albanian GoFundMe raised the funds to pay off merely a day later. (According to the “Updates” section of the page, the organizers “are now waiting for a response from the Swiss Football Federation [as to] whether they will accept the funds raised.” If the Swiss Football Federation turns them down, the organizers write, the money “will be donated to schools in rural areas in Kosovo, for the purchase of sports equipment to be used for physical education classes.”)

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